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Where was that file again?
Remember that first empirical paper you've worked on? You thought the data was great, but spent a year cleaning it up.

When somebody asked you how you did it, you couldn't find your R code...
Hello, new colleague
Then suddenly you research team grew, but no one was able to understand your code.

Let alone download the raw data for your project.
Invited for a revision!
Finally you were invited to revise your paper for a journal. But it took you days to figure out how to re-run your code.

Wouldn't you have rather addressed the reviewer comments, and not wasted time re-installing packages?

You're not alone in this...
Sounds familiar? We all started out like this.

Luckily, you can conduct your research differently. We're here to help!
Code like a pro
🧑🏻‍💻 coding & versioning
Learn to write clean code to catch mistakes easily, make your work future-proof, and allow others to quickly review it.

Use file versioning tools. Think of it as a memory of whatever you did, so you can roll back to any file version that you’ve ever worked on.
New team? No problem
🚀 collaboration
Also, you can professionalize your team work using Scrum. Can you actually imagine Zoom meetings will be fun again?

Or simply use GitHub to work on projects with others. In private, or publicly on the web.
Cut down waiting time
🤖 automation
You probably have to run code over and over again. To save time, automate your work. So each time you have to rerun, just execute this one simple command. And sit back. And relax.
Invest in your future
By the way, many funding institutions require you to do many of these things already. So, better be prepared.

And the fun part is that all of this frees up time for you to work on other stuff!

For example, new things like these...

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