[data sharing]


Document and share data for internal and external use

Maintain, document, and share your data with your team and the public


  • Code and doc: Git
  • Raw data, confidential (e.g., JSON files with like personal data it): stored at institution (or, in our case, some S3 bucket only we have access to)
  • Data to be published: running code on confidential raw data
    • Make decisions on what your “public” or semi public data should consist of
  • Final data set
    • Published to Dataverse with links to code/github repository for documentation
  • Maintenance
    • Update code, rerun, re-publish



  • Create GitHub repository from template
  • Store raw data on secure server (institution)
  • Create data prep code to create derived version
  • Create initial documentation from template
  • Prototype workflow by running it with make


  • Publish internally

    • Store on Dropbox
    • Store on S3, make available to coauthors (code snippet)
  • Publish externally

    • Dataverse
      1. Create empty data verse
      2. Get Dataverse API credential
      3. Run push.sh or push.bat in repository to push data to server


  • Update documentation
  • Update data code
  • Answer questions from users of the data set, and have an FAQ section
  • Republish